Top entries will go on to pitch at the Grand Final on Sep. 12th, receiving access to key investors, customers and industry leaders.
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This year's Global Security Challenge (GSC) - the world's preeminent security prize - focuses on cyber security. We are looking for the most promising young companies, university spin-offs and concept projects, capable of providing the next generation of protection for our data and ourselves - detecting threats and processing intelligence to ensure our online and physical safety. Click to Learn More
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Digital technologies are the great enablers. They have revolutionised the way we live our lives and allowed us to do things we never previously thought possible. But our increasing reliance on them presents a vulnerability, a channel through which criminal and rogue elements are able to exploit nations, business and individuals. As hardware and software becomes cheaper and more accessible, 'cyber-attacks' are no longer only an action of powerful, sophisticated organisations but the individual and their personal computer. Consequently the demand for cyber security is increasing significantly and remains high on the priority list for governments worldwide. The cyber security field is able to utilise technology to provide protection for our data and ourselves - detecting threats and processing intelligence to ensure our online and physical safety. It is for these reasons cyber security has been chosen as the subject of this year's GSC.
GSC 2013 seeks to discover the most promising young companies, university spin-offs and concept projects from around the world, capable of providing the next generation of cyber protection and leading the charge against some of the biggest threats of today and tomorrow.
Areas of particular interest are:
Cyber intelligence
  • Automated technologies that can prevent or mitigate cyber-attacks or perform real-time malware analysis
  • Visual analysis environments dedicated to cyber intelligence (e.g. situational awareness or network/attack visualisation)
Access and identity management
  • Secure wireless payment systems
  • Cryptography and secure cloud computing
  • Biometric authentication
The use of social media in disaster management
  • Crisis observation and relief prioritisation tools
  • Emergency broadcasting services
  • Creation and exchange of user-generated content and spontaneous, context-specific mobile applications
However we recognise that sometimes the best ideas lie in the places you would least expect to find them and that's why exemplary, disruptive technologies in related fields will also be considered.
For further details on the eligibility criteria please see our terms and conditions.
GSC gives you access: access to investors, customers, and industry leaders.

All finalists benefit from:
  • Joining the ranks of reputable GSC alumni as a Global Security Challenge 2013 finalist
  • Seal of approval from panel of online judges (experts from the industry)
  • 6 minute live pitch at GSC Grand Final event in London, UK, September 2013
  • Full access to the GSC Grand Final event for up to 5 members/finalist entry
  • Private Q&A session with final judging panel
  • Personalised feedback from the final judging panel
In addition, winners will:
  • Receive seal of approval from final live judging panel
  • Join the ranks of previous GSC winners, including iWebGate, Kromek and mPedigree
  • Be featured in an online article in Asia Pacific Security Magazine
  • Be profiled on the InnoCentive blog
  • Receive on-going mentorship from start-up specialists and cyber industry leaders
DATE: 12/09/2013

LOCATION: Royal Holloway,
University of London

Egham, Surrey TW20 0EX
Pitches, Experts and Access The GSC attracts a large number of submissions from around the world, which are first screened online by a panel of expert judges. Top entries are then invited to pitch at our global finals in London to an audience of government, industry and investors who come to preview the best emerging security innovations.
This year's Grand Final will be held at Royal Holloway, University of London on September 12th, 2013. Here finalists will each have six minutes to pitch their innovation as well as a private Q&A session with the final judging panel. The event will include talks and panel discussions from prominent academics, government officials and industry leaders from both sides of the Atlantic, discussing the latest trends and developments in the cyber field.

If you are interested in attending the Grand Final please contact us at info@globalsecuritychallenge.com. Click here to view the flyer.
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The principle is simple: most innovation comes from start-ups and SMEs, but keeping tabs on emerging companies and their technologies can be very difficult for government and industry, particularly as threats and their solutions continue to diversify. The Global Security Challenge (GSC) - the world's preeminent security prize - addresses this by attracting and recognizing innovative security start-ups and SMEs from around the world, bringing them together with academia, government and industry.

In a testament to the quality of companies that GSC attracts, and the opportunities it affords its finalists, winners and finalists have subsequently raised over $120M since taking part. Read more about it on our case study.
Previous judges have included Deputy Director of Science & Technology, CTTSO (TSWG), US DoD; Command Science Advisor, US Army SOCOM; Associate Director Information Superiority & Communications, ONR-G; Director, IARPA, Office of Director of National Intelligence; and Managing Director, Barclays Information Risk Management.
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InnoCentive is the open innovation and crowdsourcing pioneer that enables organizations to solve their key problems, connecting them to diverse sources of innovation including employees, customers and partners, in the world's largest problem solving marketplace. Executors of the world's biggest annual security prize, the Global Security Challenge, the InnoCentive network has almost 300,000 registered solvers from nearly 200 countries, promoting a culture of innovation and creation, inspiring entrepreneurs, challenging the status quo and pushing the limits of technology development.
Previous GSC Winners
Start-up winner 2011 | Switzerland
Arktis' technology uses compressed noble gas to quickly and accurately detect ionizing
Security SME 2010 | Australia / UK
iWebGate's software provides a highly-secure buffer zone between an organisations' trusted private network and the internet.
Winner of GSC 2010 | USA
Masking Networks' technology improves network resilience through masking the identity of key network assets.
Start-up winner 2010 | Ghana
mPedigree is a mobile health platform where patients and consumers can verify the safety and efficacy of medicines using only a mobile phone.
Security SME 2009 | UK
Kromek is a pioneer of digital colour imaging for x-rays, achieved though their innovations in materials technology and 3D imaging techniques.
Start-up Winner 2008 | USA
TRX Systems uses advanced sensor fusion, ranging, and dynamic mapping algorithms to provide accurate 3D location in areas where GPS is unreliable or unavailable.
Start-up Winner 2007 | USA
CloudSwitch's innovative software enables enterprises to seamlessly run multiple applications in a simple and secure cloud computing environment.
Regional Finalist 2007 | Singapore
tenCube is a mobile security suite that allows users to back up their important data. They later went on to be acquired by software giant McAfee.
Start-up Winner 2006 | UK
Ingenia Technology offers cutting-edge security technology for brand protection, track and trace and document authentication