Global Security Challenge

Past Winners' Success Stories

GSC Top Contenders Subsequently Raised Over $35 Million

The Global Security Challenge is proud to announce that our finalists and winners from the last two annual competitions have subsequently raised over $35 million in new venture capital, grants and angel investments. This is in addition to the important grant that TSWG of the US Government awarded last year's winning entrepreneurs.

Our top-selected startups also have secured large contracts with government clients, such as the US Department of Energy, the US Navy and the US Department of Defense, and with industry behemoths, such as Siemens and Bayer AG from Germany. There is clearly the potential for a company to accelerate it's growth timeline via involvement in the GSC. The success of our entrants validates our global competition.


Startup Winner from 2007: NoblePeak Vision

The winner of the GSC 2007, NoblePeak Vision from the USA, has developed a new generation of video surveillance camera cores and components with breakthrough night vision performance.

Cliff King, NoblePeak's Founder and COO says:

"Customer interest in our night vision technology soared from the publicity we received after winning the 2007 GSC. As a direct result we are now developing new camera systems with major OEM's and systems integrators for market launch at the end of 2008"

As reported in the press, the GSC winner of 2007, NoblePeak Vision announced in March 2008 that they raised $12 million in a funding round, led by Chart Venture Partners of New York. With Matt McCooe from Chart Venture Partners being an active supporter of the GSC for years, we are extremely pleased about this startup-investor match.


Startup Winner from 2006: Ingenia Technology

Ingenia Technology is a UK startup that developed a novel laser technology to authenticate documents and products. Ingenia experienced a phenomenal year since winning the 1st Global Security Challenge in 2006:

  • This year Ingenia Technology qualified as a U.S. Government contractor and has received a contract from a Federal Law Enforcement agency with growing interest with other government agencies.
  • In Europe, Ingenia has launched a partnership with Bayer Technology Services of Germany who will be a systems integrator for LSA into a number of verticals including their traditional pharmaceutical sector.
  • Some of Europe's major brands are now piloting or planning to pilot the technology within the coming months. Ingenia is now embarked on a growth strategy and planning for global expansion through partnerships.


Not Only The Winners Benefit

Vumii - a video surveillance software and GSC Finalist of 2006 raised $3.9m in funding last year and contributed a lot of its success to the GSC.

The CEO of Vumii, Randal Foster confirms this by saying:

"As a direct result from our participation in the GSC, Vumii acquired increased global credibility and benefited from greater global brand recognition from the investment community, security solution community, and potential employee population."

Secerno  - a database security startup and GSC Finalist of 2006 established a partnership with KDDI and signed a major deal with expressHR.  They also raised $16m in a funding round led by London's Amadeus Capital in July 2008.