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The 2008 Competition

This year's Global Security Challenge will start in spring 2008. We aim to publish the specific entry criteria, submission forms and awards in early spring. If you want to receive an email with the application form in the spring of 2008, send us an email with your information to:  entryqueries@globalsecuritychallenge.com

A Look Back to The 2007 Awards

The purpose of this annual competition is to help young startups succeed in the security field. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get your ideas in front of investors, media, and government and industry leaders.

          The winners of the this year's Challenge will receive:

- $500,000 grant (cash-grant to be used to further develop the company)

- Mentorship by Paladin Capital Group, CapVista and Siemens Venture Capital

- Unparalleled networking opportunity and press coverage by our Media Partners

Target Technologies

We seek to uncover the creative capabilities of innovators in universities and infant companies that apply to public security needs. This includes software or hardware solutions that help (a) protect people, critical infrastructure, facilities and data/electronic systems against terrorist or other criminal attacks and natural disasters or (b) help governments, businesses and communities defend against, cope with or recover from such incidents.

Examples of our areas of interest are biometrics, detection sensors, network security, data storage, biotechnologies, and search software. 

Entry Criteria

  • Venture must offer a technology product that can be used to prevent, defend against, cope with or recover from terrorist incidents, other criminal acts, natural disasters, including identifying or locating perpetrators of these acts.
  • Venture cannot have more than $5 million USD in annual revenues. (No requirement to have revenues at all) in 2006. 

  • Entrants may be either individuals or firms/companies. 
  • Venture must have a product/prototype at demonstration phase, unique or differentiated technology.
  • Venture must hold the intellectual property or exclusive license supporting the product (patents, patent application, development grants from research or government institutions etc.)

Judging Criteria

  • Political, legal, ethical compliance and sensitivity
  • Functionality, importance, and beneficial impact on security
  • Technical feasibility and workability
  • Strength and robustness of business case, financial viability, likely profit and return on investment, after accounting for risk 
  • Market and industry quality (demand profile, competitors, etc.)
  • Quality of business plan and strategy, and sustainability of competitive advantage 
  • Credibility, experience and skill set of management team
  • Professionalism and quality of presentation at the executive summary, business plan and final pitch stages

How to Enter – Deadlines and Processes

Round 1: Executive Summaries

Eligible entrants should submit executive summaries no later than July 15th 2007 (extended deadline). To enter the competition, you have to fill out the <<GSC 2007 Entry Form>> and email it to:                 


If you experience problems submitting to the email address above, you can also email it to:

Round 2: Business Plans - Semi Finals 

The GSC Judging Committee will review and select the best executive summaries from among the entries received in Round 1.

The selected semi-finalists will submit full Business Plans for evaluation and present at one of the three regional Semi-Finals in the USA, Germany or Singapore. 

The deadline for submission of Business Plans will be notified to those who make it through Round 1, nearer to the time.

Grand Final in London

Business Plans submitted in Round 2 will be evaluated by our Judging Committee at the regional Semi-Finals, and five finalists will be chosen.

The finalists will present their businesses to a panel of judges consisting of advisors from the government, venture capital, security, and/or technology sectors. Financial subsidies are available for the finalists' travel to London. 

The Grand Final will be held on November 8th 2007 at the Hotel Russell in London.

Questions & Contact

If you have any queries about the entry process, please email us at: 



For guidelines how to write Executive Summaries and Business Plans, please refer to the links below:

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